Published: EUSAPA vol 14 #1
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Official journal of the EUFAPA is European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity (EUJAPA)

EUJAPA Volume 14 Issue 1

Vanlandewijck Perspectives on adapted physical activity formation in Europe 10.5507/euj.2021.004
Alarcón, Henríquez, & Peñailillo Effects of lower limb eccentric strength training on functional measurements in football players with cerebral palsy 10.5507/euj.2020.010
MyCock & Molnár ‘The blind leading the blind’ – A reflection on coaching blind football 10.5507/euj.2020.011
MacCosham, Webb, Hamidi, Oey & Gravelle A Qualitative Exploration of Factors Influencing Physical Activity Behaviour for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Using the Social Ecological Model 10.5507/euj.2020.012
MacDonald & Zitomer Experiences of therapeutic horseback riders in their youth: A self-determination perspective 10.5507/euj.2020.017
Orr, Tamminen, Blair Evans, & Arbour-Nicitopoulos Social influences in recreational sport programs for emerging adults with a disability: A preliminary examination using a mixed methods approach 10.5507/euj.2020.014
Fuijita, Furdado, & Morato Ball trajectories and probability of scoring a goal in elite male goalball throws 10.5507/euj.2021.001