Adapted locomotion

Adapted activity training in a child with multiple limb amputation
Victoria Salcedo from Ecuador demonstrates high performance in a variety of activities

Adapted calisthenics
A final examination in calisthenics for general physical education 12 grade girl with cerebral palsy affecting all her limbs and trunk. The girl studied in a general education high school and currently in college. The item was designed by her adapted physical education teacher who had a weekly session with her as an addition to her physical education classes.

Poles for hiking and trekking in the outdoors
An ideal adaptation for outdoors mobility in participants with MS; parkinson, and other neuro-motor conditions.

The magic of music in parkinsons’ disease
An individual with parkinsons’ disease demonstrates the effects of music on his movement.

Boy with amputation makes gymnastik
Incredible performance of a boy with an AK amputation during regular gymnastics training.

RHD prosthesis
Walking and sporting with a prosthesis

Budo for the disabled “kata with wheelchair”
Children with severe disabilities in wheelchairs perform a series of Kata movements

Inclusive Budo class
A budo class demonstrating a variety of adaptations

Budo for the disabled “newaza game”
An adapted judo class, starting from a kneeling position

Running training of a young woman with BK amputation
A young woman with double BK amputation showing running training and performance

Long jump of a young woman with double AK amputation

Running of a BK amputee
Close up view of running in a BK amputee

Get up and dance
A video showing a veriety of amazing street dance actions

Lazy legs: Adapted breakdancing
Amazing video showing breakdancing with and without crutches

Jump rope for individuals with overweight
Jump pace adaptation for coping with limited endurance and decreasing drop out

One-legged salsa
Watching this video demonstrates a unique adaptation incorporating skill, musical feeling and atypical use of an assistive device.

Adapted skiing I
First steps in experiencing sit bi-ski

Bi-ski transfer to chair lift
Short video demonstrating how to transfer a sit ski to the chairlift

Getting off the chair lift with bi-ski
Short video demonstrating how to safely get off the chair lift

Powder mono-skiing
Short video demonstrating highly dkilled mono-skiing in powder deep snow

Gravity – highly skilled mono-skiing
Video showing various techniques including jumping and sharp turning and braking

Trotting on underwater treadmill
Johann’s Hydrotherapy Session

Adapted extreme rolling experiences
Video demonstrating a variety of adapted outdoor recreational activities activiites in Colorado.