The two year project EUSAPA started in October 2008 and has been funded with support from the European Commission. Coordinating institution is the Palacky University in Olomouc in the Czech Republic and whole project consists from 10 other partner institutions (have a look to the section “Project partners”). The main aims of the EUSAPA project are to describe professional competencies in each of the three areas of Adapted Physical Activities (1 – adapted physical education, 2 – adapted sports and recreation, 3 – adapted physical activities in rehabilitation), to identify the need for each APA area in all partner countries, to define academic standards (subject specific competencies and learning outcomes) in the three areas of APA and to develop international academic framework to guarantee the quality of professional preparations in the fields of APA at European level.


  1. Structured description of APA service delivery in partner countries (strengths and weaknesses, conditions) in all three areas of APA and Functional map of APA professional in three areas (Adapted Physical Education, Sport and Recreation, Rehabilitation)
  2. The thoroughly designed and jointly accepted framework on STANDARDS (subject specific competencies and learning outcomes) in three areas of APA
  3. A model curriculum structure for each area of APA 4) Examples of case studies of good practice and innovations according to all free areas of APA competencies

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Martin Kudláček, project manager –

Milada Truksová, administrative support –

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The education aspect of the EUSAPA was revised to reflect the changes in remote teaching following school closures during to COVID-19 restrictions. The paper outlining the updates can be found from the European Journal of Special Needs Education.