REHAB Project

Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Introduction of new master degree programs in Ukraine (REHAB)

Rehab Project is based in a consortium of universities with a strong experience with multinational projects.

Project Activities

REHAB project logo
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Venue Dates Topics
LASE January 2019 Rehab Project Launch
AWF May 2019 Academic: Competency requirements and curricula
PT: Observation of clinical training
LSU 21-26 Oct 2019 Academic: Teaching methodology
TB 20-21 Nov 2019 Academic: Development of national assessment instruments
NUUPES 22 Nov 2019 Monitoring visit
NUUPES 24-29 Feb 2020 Winter School
SAMK 10-16 May 2020 POSTPONED Summer School: Intensive study week and REHAB project meeting and training
Ternopil 14-18 Sept 2020 Autumn School: Workshop on PT teaching for faculty members of Partner and Non-partner Universities
LASE 23-28 Nov 2020 Academic: Teaching methodology
Sumy Apr 2021 Knowledge sharing seminar between Ukranian partners
LASE 2021 Academic Accreditation

LASE – Riga, AWF – Warsaw, TB – Kyiv, NUUPES – Kyiv, SAMK – Pori