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An Inclusive Physical Education (@InPhysEd) Summer School is being jointly organized by the Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Technical University of Munich (TUM), MCAST, the University of Malta and Special Olympics Malta. The summer school will take place over 10 days from the 14th– 22nd of April 2020. The tuition fees are waived. There are ECTS credits associated to the summer school.

The aim of the InPhysEd summer school is to empower participants from different countries and disciplines to develop solutions for including students with an intellectual disability (ID) in physical education classes. Inclusive learning is of critical importance for promoting positive health and wellbeing to all members of the population. This project will help develop inclusive learning through cooperation of teacher trainees, sports & health science students, and people with ID. All of whom will work together to co-design solutions.

The Summer school is for master students and/or postgrad students from across teaching, health and sports science to participate. People with intellectual disability are also being recruited. All participants will work in inter-disciplinary groups to generate ideas and propose solutions to ensure inclusive PE.


There is also additional information on the website https://www.tcd.ie/tcpid/summer-schools/eit-summer-school.php.

Interested students are encouraged to apply by emailing InPhysEd@tcd.ie . They should attach their CV and highlight their why they should be selected to take part.

Places are limited and closing date for applications is March 31st 2020. Success applicants will be informed of their place by 3rd April 2020.