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Global Disability Summit 2022 side event.

Side events are great to learn more about diverse work carried out in the global disability field, ranging from non governmental organisations, researchers, forums and charities. The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) is hosting a side event at the Global Disability Summit. More information about the side event can be found from their website – https://www.globaldisabilitysummit.org/pages/side-events-agenda-for-17-february-2022

For this year’s side event, EUFAPA Vice President – Kwok Ng has been invited to speak at this event with IFAPA President David Legg as moderator. Kwok will be joined by Claire Boursier (France) and Anne-Mette Bredahl (Norway) as well as colleagues from Kenya, Jordan and Turkey.

The event will be streamed online and access to the event requires registration through https://bit.ly/22gds . It is free to register and attend.

Global Disability Summit Side Event
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