Finland bold new Parasport merger
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The reformed Finnish Paralympic Committee covers most of the disability sports spectrum

Erkki Miinala, Veera Priha, Saga Hänninen, Mohamed Hussein, Paavo Koskenkorva

The Finnish national sports organisation for disability sports (formerly known as VAU) and the Finnish Paralympic Committee have merged on the 1st January, 2020, and the new sports umbrella organization is called the Finnish Paralympic Committee.

The main task of the Paralympic Committee is to provide people with disabilities a smooth path to hobbies and sports, reaching the sport of choice and even the international peak. The organization continues as a sport federation of ten sports, such as goalball and wheelchair rugby. The Paralympic Committee works closely with the Olympic Committee’s Top Sports Unit.

The Paralympic Committee is responsible for the sporting and physical activity of people with physical, visual, intellectual impairments and those who have undergone organ transplantation or dialysis. The 100-year-old Finnish Deaf Sports Association continues to be responsible for the sport and physical activity of the deaf and hearing impaired.

The Finnish Paralympic Committee has members on two levels, local associations and clubs and national sports federations. Now non-paralympic sports federations can also become members of the Finnish Paralympic Committee.


The email addresses of the staff are and the website can be found at . With the merger, Paralympic sport managers Kimmo Mustonen and Mika Vakkuri move to the Finnish Olympic Committee and continue to develop paralympic sport from there in co-operation with the Finnish Paralympic Committee. Their email addresses are

Here’s how to find the new Paralympic Committee on social media:

Special Olympics Finland’s social accounts remain unchanged on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

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