Author Feedback Form: Instructions to Reviewers

If you accept the assignment to review the manuscript, please proceed as follows:


General comments

  • Summarize general comments in a separate MS Word file addressed to the authors.
  • Provide feedback concerning the topic’s relevance, the methodology, and the clarity of the rationale.
  • In the final paragraph, make a publication recommendation:
    • accepted
    • accepted with revision
    • rejected
  • …and justify your recommendation.

Use the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.) as your guide.

Please structure your feedback according to provided framework

Abstract: Is it accurate, self-contained, concise and specific, non-evaluative, coherent and readable? It should not exceed 200 words.

Introduction: Why is the problem important; how do hypotheses and design relate to the problem; what are the study’s theoretical implications; how does the study relate to previous work in the area?

Method: Does the section follow guidelines pertaining to participants, procedures, and when appropriate, apparatus; does the procedure detail each step in the execution of the study; is sampling design named and described; are validity and reliability of selected instruments described?

Data Analysis: Are appropriate statistics used to examine the research questions; are effect size and significance both presented?

Findings/Results: Are findings appropriate and easily understood; do tables/figures follow appropriate format and style?

Discussion: Does the section begin with a clear statement of support/nonsupport for hypotheses or research questions; are theoretical consequences of the results presented; why are the findings important?

Perspectives: Does the discussion session include paragraph on perspectives, in which the findings are put into perspective in the relevant area of adapted physical activity and significance of the manuscript for the practice. (This could include reference to possible previous articles in this and other journals and the potential impact of the present findings.)

Writing Clarity: What are the overall strengths and weaknesses regarding grammar, language (Includes References) bias, and format relative to references and citations? (pp. 36-214). Is current pertinent APA literature on the topic cited?

Manuscript Length: Is the manuscript 15 – 30 pages (see APA Bulletin Instructions to Contributors)? If over page limit, please make suggestions for condensation.

Important Technical Details – old instructions… To be updated for actavia papers

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word.
  • Remove Your E-ID Windows: Pull down the “Tools” menu, click “Options,” and select the “Security” tab. Then check the box beside “Remove Personal Information” and save the document. It is also possible to remove the tags manually – one document at a time – by opening up the “Summary” tab as described above and erasing the identifying information.
  • Macintosh with OS/X: Pull down the “Word” menu. Click “Preferences” and then select “Security.” Check the box for “Remove personal information” and click “Save.” Then resave the document. The tags can also be removed manually, as in the Windows version.
  • Before changing anything in the document, proceed as follows:
    • on the Tools menu (formatting toolbar) click Options
    • click User information and change the name to ‘Anonymous
    • click OK
    • this procedure should be repeated when you restart your computer.
  • Enter your comments in the article’s original language directly in the text.
  • To enter a comment, proceed as follows:
    • select the text or item you want to comment on
    • on the Insert menu (formatting toolbar), click Comment
    • type the comment text in the appropriate box.
  • Make sure that your comments will enable the author(s) to revise the manuscript.