Membership at EUFAPA is at an individual level.

Duration of membership is for the duration from one EUCAPA until the next.

The current membership period 2020 ends on 9th June 2022.

Membership is included in the 2022 EUCAPA registration fee. Therefore, individuals who are unable to attend EUCAPA 2022 can only be members by paying a membership fee of 20EUR. The fee is the same irrespective of status (student, professional, other).

All memberships paid for after 1st June 2022 is applicable for membership between 2022-2024.

Only sign up as a member below if you are attending EUCAPA 2022.

    Click on the button below to make payment. Payments are through Stripe.
    Please note, the message on Stripe may say it has not been paid, but it may have. Therefore, please check that payment has gone through before signing up a second time. If you do accidently make payment more than once, please contact us and request a refund within 14 days of the transaction.